Tuesday , July 27 2021

Csorna-Lébény football match broken due to death

The first-class football match in Csorna-Lébény was interrupted due to the death of one of the players. According to information from the Small Plain, 5: 0 home management had to revive Tamás Sipőcz's cattle in Salvador. This piece was still successful, but the player passed away in the ambulance next to the side area on the 60th minute.

The referee stopped the match.

Most of the dead were commemorated. Csorna SE & # 39; s team on the field, saying the field was a short description of the defender said.

From his memoirs of Lajos Takács, we learned that Sipincz just confirmed Csorna this summer and won him gold and silver in the second part of Répcementi SE. Dık What we know, actors and fans, we all loved and honored. He was a real team member, a friend, a community guy, takım he wrote. He also remembered that Sipıcz bought a house in Csorna with his daughter-in-law who was planning a wedding next year. (ATV to Kisalföld)


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