A truck and a car collided in Gyal.

Útinform reported on its website Wednesday evening that the accident caused a congestion of several kilometers on the M0 motorway in Gyál.

Due to the accident at the M5 highway junction, the traffic was stopped on the side going to the M3; kilometers of congestion.

The disaster management reported that a car collided with a truck in a 32-kilometer stretch. As a result of the accident, two people got stuck in the car and professional firefighters in the capital began to evacuate with blood pressure monitors.

If possible, take junction 5 of the main road and get off at Alsónémedi – Gyál.

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They start the southern part of the M0 to start school.

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Referring to the Ministry of Information and Technology announcement, Telex writes that all lanes located on the south side of the M0 highway, on the north side of the Ferenc Deák Bridge, will be available for the resumption of schools.

A truckload of cargo caught fire on the M0, and the fire spread to the nearby forest.

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Firefighters marched to the scene from three cities.