Sunday , August 1 2021

BUX's Flvesler High

Domestic fast tracking hats were taken over by the Budapest Stock Exchange from the international stock exchanges. After Mol 's result exceeded the dead, the investor began to buy the blue chip. The traffic was even bigger.

Although Rumbling, there will be no complaint to the companion: Parallel to international markets, BUX increased 3.9 times. At the beginning of the previous year, the domestic index increased by about 2500 points.

I like blue chips

Leaders call the OTP drgult in the top row, outlining the quick report. Despite the bank's better results, bankers' bankruptcy fell because investors lost profits.

OTP has spent 7,8 cents in the past, which is also true. OTP cstrtkn cscson, 11250 forinton zrt, then turned to pnteken.
Due to the appropriate rhythms, the bank may continue to lend, as well as to the other slopes of the bank, as well as a lack of credit shortage that the CAP could compensate for.The mole went up to seven weeks, and then he earned $ 3,000. The oil company has received a new fuel for its contribution to the climatic impact of EBITDA. After that, the mountain range continued. Mol was able to generate 2.4 wins in a row.

Forrs: MTI / Mihdk Zoltn

The Richter rush on the ground was gathered in front of the fast trackers on Wednesday, 5500. However, the third quarter led to an interruption in quick followers. From 5300 HUF point, the setting was successful and with 1.3 low Richter peppers per week.
Since Esmya is marketed and licensed in the Romanian wholesale market, profits may increase in the following quarters;Magyar Telekom has also made great efforts to avoid the rapid report, but the results have also led to telecoms. However, he did not absorb the price of a forrest of 25 euros, which just touched on debts due to positive stock returns. The week is completed with a higher grade 3.1 chip.

Forint was in a good mood.

Forint has weakened in previous years, but snow has dropped sharply. For this, there was a favorable international mood that drove the American idiots away.

More than a year ago, high domestic prices in the domestic payment market were frozen and in the last three to four months, At the same time, the US currency weakened due to the weakness of the dollar.

Photo: Szab Gbor – Origo

As the Democrats have power in power, the former US governors have temporarily weakened the dollar, making Donald Trump almost impossible to declare more adolescents. On the other hand, due to the republican republican regret, there is no reason to take back the previous lps.

When the interest earned by the Fed is in line with interest rates, the foreign exchange markets returned.

Everyone was watching the American rulers.

Before Tuesday's American congress and election elections, international markets were barely visible, investors. However, the results directed buyers and the result of the busts eliminated the uncertainties and preferred the fact that the investor was divided.
Historical data also show that when clowns are dominated by als and felshats, market share is always the cheapest.However, in the midst of the weather, the Fed continued to dissipate the interest rates of fat-burning hats as well as the flame due to the deceleration in the Kemei economy.
Eurosystem's exchanges continued to be under pressure from concerns over Italian costs and the balance of Eurobonds. Eurosystem's stock exchanges have almost stagnated or weakened with US indices rising from 0.7 to 2.8 zł.

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