Friday , September 24 2021

“Zombie Wars North Korea: The Story of Yaxin” is on the air, revealing the secret of life and death! Check out Quan Zhixian’s short hairstyles with short age and good style-Yahoo Hong Kong News

  1. Revealing the secret of life and death, “Zombie Wars North Korea: Yaxin’s Story” is on air! Check out Quan Zhixian’s short hairstyles to reduce ageYahoo Hong Kong News
  2. Let’s find out when “Girl Yaxin” from “Zombie Wars North Korea: Yaxin Biography” played “Cai Songhe” in “Doctor Wit 2”! The atmosphere is exactly the same XDKSD Korean Star
  3. Yaxin Biography|Is there really life and death?Three cool things you didn’t know about “Zombie Wars North Korea”Hong Kong 01
  4. [GQ Popular Science]Something wrong with the zombie setting? 7 important things to know about Netflix’s “Body in North Korea: The Biography of Yaxin”GQ Taiwan
  5. An analysis of the historical background of “Korea’s Corpse War: Yaxin’s Story”, an article to understand the mysterious identity of Jun Ji-hyun and the origin of life and death!Taiwan Tatler
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