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Yau Tsim Zone decided to illegally gamble 20 people – News – Xincheng Finance Channel


Yau Tsim District is fighting 20 illegal gambling arrests

16/11/2018 6:00
The Yau Tsim Special Mission Team carried out an illegal gambling operation last night, raided two units on Wusong Street and smashed two suspected illegal fishing machine gambling files. A 25-year-old Wang local man suspected of running a gambling facility arrested 6 men and 2 women aged 33 and 62 were arrested for gambling at the casino. A 45-year-old non-Chinese man was suspected of being arrested. An identity card was arrested, about 2,000 yuan gambling money and two fishing games were seized. A police officer also arrested a 38-year-old Huang local man on a unit on 85 Wusong Street. Casino: Another 7 men and 3 women, 38 and 60 years old, were arrested for gambling at a casino, caught in two fishing games and two shooting game machines in an area of ​​about 5000 yuan. Men and women are in custody for the investigation to catch.

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