Monday , February 24 2020
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What is Samsung's honor service for Galaxy Fold users in the US?

After Samsung Galaxy Fold has been re-stocked, the United States said it would provide more comprehensive customer service to local users, what is the content of these honorary services? According to the official website, new users may receive one-to-one instructions to ensure that this folding screen phone is not misused. At the same time, after taking the phone home, all weather experts will be asked any questions to get answers and the Samsung Members app is available for video calls within the specified time.

But more importantly, the screen repair service even drop this foldable screen, since the price of a mobile phone for a normal screen is already high. Samsung said that the first time they changed the Galaxy Fold screen, the cost of repairs was only $ 149 and there would be daily repairs or shipping services in the specified areas.

For those who spend $ 2,000 to get started with a mobile phone, they will naturally expect more extensive service support (like Vertu phone of the year), but the service provided by Galaxy Fold seems to be more than just training and making sure that users won't break it anymore.

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