Friday , September 24 2021

The representative of the Hong Kong team will be separated by Li Huishi and Li Haien at the Ladies Sprint Competition-RTHK-Radio Hong Kong.

  1. Representative of the Hong Kong team to attack Li Huishi and Li Haien at the Women’s Sprint Competition-RTHKRadio Hong Kong
  2. [Doğu Olimpiyatları doğrudan isabet]Li Huishi’s starting 12 lose medals in Waterloo Kailin match | News-Yahoo Hong KongYahoo Sports
  3. Take a taxi to Izu for 150 kilometers, like seeing God-20210805-Hong Kong NewsMing Pao News Network
  4. Citizens watched the live broadcast and said that Li Huishi worked hard and some children said they were not disappointed-RTHKRadio Hong Kong
  5. Li Huishi competes for bronze medal in Kailin Hong Kong table tennis team semi-finals Two men arrested in Tuen Mun for loitering in shoes | Yahoo Morning MailYahoo Hong Kong News
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