Thursday , July 29 2021

Steam "Ren Wang Complete Edition" opens a limited time special offer – Hong Kong mobile gaming network

In addition to the historical facts at the end of the Warring States period, this work has actual Warring States military commanders, and the original story is deep and deep; The work of "Death Game".

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The full version of the game "Kyushu" – "Omi" and three large-scale updates included "Northeast Dragon", "Success" and "Yuanhe".

North "Northeast Dragon" (Northeast)

It tells the story of the hero, a monster-eyed dragon, who tells the story of Yi Dazheng's rebel in the northeast.

Right "Successor of Truth"

(Osaka Winter Festival) The story stage is in the winter of Osaka.

He tells the story of a soldier known as the first soldier in Japan and a defender of the Warring States Period.

"Yuanhe Yuwu"

(Osaka Summer & # 39; s Series) The story takes place in the summer of Osaka.

It describes the period of the Warring States and the last war between Tokugawa and Toyotomi, which ended the journey of William.

■ Steam limited edition custom code

You can obtain the Steam version of the custom code's "normal valve front helmet".

You can select "Gifts" in the game "Shrine" to collect special codes.

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