Tuesday , October 4 2022

[NBA]Jia Su retires after 20 years of career and mentions that her deceased friend Kobe still shares her feelings | News-Yahoo Yahoo Hong Kong-Yahoo Sports


  1. [NBA]Jiaso’s 20-year career comes to an end after he retires, says deceased friend Kobe still feels | News-Yahoo Yahoo Hong KongYahoo Sports
  2. Tears of time! Kobe’s top lieutenant Jasso announces retirement | Apple News | Daily AppleTaiwan Apple Daily
  3. NBA|Spanish legend Jasso announces plans to retire the Lakers in the number 16 jersey to pay tributeHong Kong 01
  4. Gasol officially retires and suffocates Kobe: life is so unfair sometimesYahoo Sports
  5. Gasoline officially high-hanging sneaker will retire Lakers number 16 jerseyNBA Taiwan | United News Network
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