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LeBron James Lakers fought first. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

Knight correspondent Joe Vardon published an article in the 20th year of LeBron James, and said James would leave Cleveland because it was essentially Cyrillic, said Kyrie Irving. This led to the emergence of everything later.

Before the article was traded, James and later said that coach Tyronn Lue and managing director Koby Altman were looking for it, and he openly stated that he didn't want Irving to take place.

However, Irving was eventually traded in Boston. According to his comments, James, who was in a Jersey signing event in California, was disappointed, sitting on a chair and learning something.

G If everyone is traded, this is the beginning of everything. This is not a secret, Bu he said. After Irving was traded, the Cavaliers had no money to compete with the Warriors, and even the Eastern Conference was difficult to play on playoffs. The competitive drop of the team made James want to leave.

Irving's contract was still two years old, so this year is different from Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. Although James does not blame Altman, he also believes that the team's owner, Dan Gilbert, has strengthened the team's control and is no longer building the team structure with its own cores.

After all that came back to the Cavaliers, James said: "I've had some good moments, some of them were not very good moments, but in general, when you pay for everything, you get to a team or else you are a team-mate or coach This is the most important thing. "

Rie Kyrie Irving (Painting / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

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