Thursday , September 29 2022

Google will discontinue use of custom Material Design components on iOS


Google Maps app

Google Maps app

Jeff Verkoeyen, Apple Platform Interface Design Chief Engineer at Google Express it on TwitterStarting this year, Google will phase out the use of custom Material Design components on iOS and migrate to Apple’s own UIKit. Material Design was published in 2014. Its main purpose is to unify and make the look of Google products more consistent across all platforms. But as UIKit gradually changes every year, Material Design has gradually moved away from it and maintaining the Material Design library has become a huge burden.

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According to Verkoeyen, Google has therefore put the Material Design library in “maintenance” mode since earlier this year, while also doing an in-depth assessment of how to create a “pure” Google experience. iOS platform.” They discovered that a lot of code originally written for Material Design was actually unnecessary. Thanks to the SwiftUI and UIKit improvements that came after iOS 14, Google can already use very little code to create a pretty good experience.

After migrating to UIKit, Verkoeyen hopes to significantly reduce application development time and save effort in maintaining custom code. However, this could mean that in the future Google’s app will apparently be more compatible with other iOS apps and no longer look so much like the sibling’s Android version.

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