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2021 NBA Off-Season East Region Team Operations Review: Central League-NBA-Basketball

Which team has had its magic operation in the Eastern Conference since the 2021 season? Which team ruined their chance to change?

With the big stars settling in and teams starting to prepare for training camps, it’s time for teams to score performance and rebuilding scores this month. Almost all teams in the Eastern League do not sit idly by. During this time, 6 out of 8 major contracts came from the Eastern Division, but not every contract is that valuable.

We will then evaluate each team to reflect the team’s operations for the opportunity (draft or FA) to improve the roster. This assessment mainly focuses on the team’s opportunities for next season and how to make good use of salary, trade and contract flexibility. To perform the operation (level “B” is the basic standard).

According to the framework above, each group is divided into categories and the performance of each team in the central group is scored one by one.

Chicago Bulls: C+/Responsible Editor: A

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Many of Chicago’s off-season operations are great. For example, Lonzo Ball’s four-year $82.5 million (sign first and then change) will only get better as he enters the corner of Los Angeles as well as the pinnacle of his talents. Alex Caruso, all very good operations. The Bulls’ second signing and swap deal this summer was to buy DeMar DeRozan for $82 million over three years, but the deal was flawed and the original author didn’t quite like this trader.

Because DeRozan gave up a first-round pick and high-value backup Thaddeus Young, in addition to securing a high price for the Bulls that other teams wouldn’t pay. Of course, that’s really a price to pay, but Chicago still has a chance to do better.

The Bulls also replaced Lauri Markkanen as Derrick Jones Jr. in a sign-and-trade transaction. and got the first round lottery (protected by lottery). The Finnish driver was eliminated when he entered the lowest point of the market and was replaced by the jumping Jones. It is doubtful whether he will really improve, but at least the Bulls jersey team seems to be doing their best.

After hosting DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic at all costs these two seasons, the playoffs became the foundation of the Bulls; however, for a team whose defense is close to the bottom of the league, reaching this goal may not be so easy.

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Cleveland Cavaliers: D/Editor C

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The Cavaliers always seem to be throwing money at random. First they threw in $100 million for five years to replenish center Jarrett Allen, and then they found Lauri Markkanen (with an estimated $55 million in protection) for $67 million for four years. It’s unclear why. Do the Cavaliers want the higher contract value Larry Nance Jr. possibly traded to a top-ranking player?

It’s really hard to see the Cavaliers succeed if Evan Mobley, who was picked this year, doesn’t immediately deliver above-standard combat power and give the Cavaliers at least a chance to squeeze into the narrow target of the playoffs. They play Markkanen and veteran quarterback Ricky Rubio. What’s more, if the Cavaliers extend Collin Sexton’s contract or later Darius Garland’s contract in the new season, then there’s no new core for the masterpiece and the entire team’s payroll could be jammed.

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Indiana Pacer: B-/Responsible Editor: B+

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Nothing the Pacers did during the offseason compares to replacing rookie head coach Nate Bjorkgren with former Mavericks champion coach Rick Carlisle. The best assurance for Carlisle is striker TJ Warren, who hasn’t been here for a season due to foot injury surgery, but it has recently been reported that Warren may not be back this early, which inevitably leaves people worried about Paoma’s next fate. season.

As for the changes to the roster, the Pacers fine-tuned the configuration on the bench and replaced the unattainable Doug McDermott with the two-year, $10 million ex-Suns winger Torrey Craig; The Pacers also hired backup quarterback TJ McConnell. A four-year contract that guarantees an annual salary of 29.3 million yuan.

Detroit Pistons: B-/responsible editor: C+

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Do you remember the evaluation criteria? We’ll go over the resources available to the team as the off-season kicks off, they’re so lucky to have the #1 pick and great rookie Cade Cunningham’s Pistons, which is the main reason they score in this episode. Additionally, the biggest off-season operation for the Pistons is raising Mason Plumlee to Kelly Olynyk ($37 million over three years).

If Olynyk can still maintain his bold performance in the final moments of the Rockets era, he will be able to make up for his strong frontcourt; in addition, the Pistons will also be offered at a relatively affordable price (two-year appointment, second-year team option) Signing Hamidou Diallo, a limited free agent, was a solid performance, but there were some confusing summers.

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