Sunday , June 20 2021

What did he watch against Silent Road Survivor?

Did MEGA’s Quiet Path manage to score high ahead of SKAI’s extensive Survivor?

The long-awaited Greek drama Mega, Silent Road, premiered on Sunday night. The series gave the first audience struggle with Survivor, the giant of the second half of the season. What did Nielsen measurements show?

For the first three quarters, mainly ads were shown from 21:45 to 22:00 with an average audience of 17.1% -18.4% – Silent Road raised its reputation in Survivor and of course collected 34.2% in its total duration. 21.8% played in reverse in the first three quarters

In total, the new Mega series moved around 15% while at the same time SKAI’s survival reality was 22%.

Detailed viewing
(percentages between 21:00 and 21:45 in parentheses)


Survivor 34.2% (21.8%)
Silent Road 17.1% (18.4%)


Survivors 32% (22%)
Silent Road 14.4% (15.5%)

See viewership metrics for dynamic audience across all regions and total of all shows here in detail!

* Display data are approximate, look at the time zone of the programs and are indicative. Detailed monitoring reports and market surveys with accurate data for all programs in all target audiences are available only from Nielsen measurement company.

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