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We bring the country back to regularity –

"ND painted them black"

"In the coming weeks, we will continue to implement the collective plan, which will be voted on by all the measures announced by the Prime Minister in September, and which will restore injustice and restore the country to normal," the press spokesperson said. SYRIZA, Raniya SivigouIn an interview with KONTRA newsletters.

Commenting on her failure to break with retirement, Ms. Sivu said she took a decisive step and explained the anti-development measure she needed. As he said, "When Greece came out of the memorandums, it became a burden to the Greek people."

"ND painted them black"

SYRIZA spokesman criticized the main opposition opposition, saying "our weapon will continue to be and will continue to improve economic indicators, but will continue to improve social indicators to tackle unemployment, for example under 19%". between. " ND was stained black. He bets into everything about retirement pay, "he added," when he accused the government of retiring Kenais for a very long time, "and" Hatzidakis "finally accused him of noticing the scope of the measure to be annulled. "Moskovic, who is in the Parliament, promised not to reduce the pensions, but to lower the pension. On the contrary," continued and "all the positive measures announced by the Prime Minister in TIF will not be implemented and canceled. "In the following period," the false news of the reality itself, from the reality itself. "

I The answer to this pseudo-news is that the government has put in practice and nothing else,; he added, adding that none of the estimates and estimates of ND has been validated since 2016 when he was the leader of Mitsotakis. They lost their money to the government's failure and lost. I think I think the same Prespa contract"Said Rania Sivgou.

"The positive response of the Archbishop"

In the case of relations the churchStates will, inter alia, "progress on the basis of a communiqué, always keeping in mind the dynamics and dialogue between the two sides." Prime Minister, "Prime Minister's press office does not leave the expression of the expression" and the first response archbishop in this communication.

"Irritation of Fofis Gennimat"

Ms Sivou, who applied to KINAL, stated that she "owed her" as a force integrating herself into Social Democracy in order to observe what was going on in other European countries ". On his side he realized that "there was a certain irritation". Fofis GennimataVerme If the prime minister and SYRIZA continue to follow this path, which I call defeating self-defeating Bob & SYRIZA, by calling up Sole & # 39; s Left, and doesn't harm KINAL, SYRIZA for himself and himself . "

He also noted that PASOK has launched a preliminary debate with Al, instead of reviewing the government's progress in previous years and supporting the Greek people in a series of extreme poverty. Tsipra and SYRIZA.

However, Mrs Sivgou took a clear note, ne our goal is not to build a tense relationship with KINAL ancak, defended the open channels, but, as she said, ”first of all, what should be done to Mrs. Gennimata and Social democracy and the Left & If he takes over himself and the party in which he thinks cooperation is important. "" So far "

Finally, KINAL recognized that its leadership would be forced to change from the simple world's desire to simply 39 integrate into a wider center-left space SY than simply ”a simple world that does not need to be in SYRIZA. Son

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