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Watch Eliana Papageorgiou on her first TV show 8 years ago in Menegaki!

Eliana Papageorgiou was 23 years old when she became the Most Beautiful Greek Girl and made her first television appearance with Eleni Menegaki fearlessly and passionately.

Not only by chance, the beautiful GNTM interpreter, who has a lot of buddies about his previously unknown life, because he did a lot of modeling. And we only have documents!

We searched and found the first television appearance in Eleni Menegaki eight years ago, when Eliana conquered the world of beauty and had just returned from overseas, participated in the Miss Universe beauty contest.

He may not have won a title there, but as Eleni Menegaki learned in his brief conversation, he was a girl with a strong personality that did not go unnoticed, not only from her appearance.

With this show, we learned that his sister Marialena worked in a toy store for her parents, that her mother was very young and didn't like other juicy details of her life, and that many aspects of her life were unknown. then from his daily life.

A relationship we don't know!

In the same television appearance, Eliana revealed that she fell in love with John, a promising young man, who studied Architecture in Volos while sharing her life between Athens and Patras. We are so old that he has not yet started his international career as a model. No one knows how the couple split up, but what we learned from this private TV show is that Eliana's first love was at school when she was 14, and she finally lived with a boy who had an affair with them. Two in high school.

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