Saturday , October 23 2021

Voutsis: Increasing Housing Budget for 2019 – Dikaiologitika News


In particular, the President of the House, Nikos Voutsis, said at a plenary session based on the last decision of the Council of State, that the House of Representatives committee should check the statements of 5,000 judges.

Judges of Politicians and Judges, General Managers of Ministries, etc. In addition to the Asset Statement, you are reminded that the House now has to check.

The increase in budgets does not only increase the amount to be paid to the EMFF, but also has to make retrospectives of mouthpieces operating in the Home.

Regarding recent backstro regulations, the President argued that retired Members have experienced a major decline in pensions and are far below the limits of new national pensions. "It would be unfair to say that we must have the courage to make an initiative for an arrangement, that one order is the least, and that others do not care for them," he added.

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