Saturday , October 23 2021

Voice: Can you say no to this proposal of Sakis Rouvas? – TV


Athena Malia performed with Panagiotis Skalkas "The Poison" in the battles of The Voice. Manager Sakis Rouvas was probably very hard to work because he didn't know who was in the game.

Although he chose to continue with Panayiotis Skalkas in the game, he didn't disappoint Athena Mallia because he made an offer for leaving Malva alive.

"My Athena, I'm sorry, it was a very difficult place for me, I had to make a choice, you're a good folk singer, what can I do?" … You can come and sing with me if you continue winter and continue, ip she said to her …

The girl just managed to sing a song … "Really?"

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