Friday , September 17 2021

Tsiodras: Adolescent vaccine catalytic – What he revealed about his three children

“According to me vaccine Professor of Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras emphasized that children aged 12-17 will play a catalytic role in the control of the epidemic and gradually in the maintenance of self-regulation and social life, along with other measures.

“We are in an age where nearly 100% of circulating strains are mutated. D. Our scientific team is analyzing all the information coming from abroad. Of course, this high transmissibility of the D mutation also affects our children, so it is very important that schools are now open to observe the prevention measures against the spread of the virus in schools. important.

Mathematical estimates estimate that the probability of dispersal in schools can be reduced by close to 10% (a very significant reduction in dispersal, i.e. limiting it to a very small percentage of children) with mask, test and of course mask. Groups are recommended to be vaccinated,” said Tsiodras, adding that all three children of this age have been vaccinated.

The unanimous opinion that pediatricians should take a more active role in the vaccination of young people aged 12-17 was expressed by the representatives of the child health institutions participating in today’s meeting chaired by the Prime Minister. Kyriako Mitsotaki In Maximos Palace.

Even during the meeting, it was announced that pediatricians can make the vaccines themselves in their offices. technical issues. And this is expected to happen soon.

The important role that pediatricians can play in scientifically explaining why vaccination is necessary and safe to parents and children was also highlighted.

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