Wednesday , January 27 2021

The lively date of 9-year-old Manou, who lost his legs and his hand, found joy in Atletico Madrid.

A bacterial infection allowed him to lose both his feet and a hand, but a warrior like him never loses

It was so hard to live too early. Your life is very difficult.

But he finds the power to overcome everything. And now he managed to smile.

Manou's case is separate. Atletico's 9 year old little friend has a lot to say about his experiences.

She had a serious health problem since her early years. A bacterial infection has lost both her legs and a hand. But a warrior like him never loses. Not even that.

A few months ago, wearing a prosthesis trained a "robinbol". The name was Antoine Griezman's name. The French striker, who was strong in his hand, but also the age of Mano, there was no child.

He immediately contacted his parents, whom he invited to see his home match against Athletic Bilbao.

9 year old Manou could not refuse. He closed his idol, and lived forever in his heart and mind. After giving a chance, he won a victory in the 3-2 with a 3-2 victory over Madrid.

And always … Atletico lived in Madrid, with a wide smile on her lips.

El Sueño de Manu

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