Thursday , August 11 2022

SYRIZA did not vote retrospectively in 2014: Kagmas Kamenou, Staikoura, Kikilia


Panos Kammenos voiced the house due to the retrospective modification of the uniforms, clashing with Christos Staikouras and Vasilis Kikilias about how the retrospective of New Democracy's CoE was dealt with.

Khamîmen accused New Democracy of giving 50% in 2014 and then paying money without hoping to give the other 50%.

Panos Kammenos: "You gave us a 50% refund in 2014. Everything is not questioned in writing in negotiations. Rehabilitation was carried out following the measures taken in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Negotiations have been recorded, and even lenders have They gave us 50%, and when we wanted to implement the decision we swallowed, they reported it. When they came from the Hilton, the statements were made with strangers.

Mr. Staikouras said that the government has chosen to give only 50% because it exceeds other tax cuts.

Christos Stemouras: "We then chose 50% of retrospectives because we voted to reduce insurance premiums and reduce the extra solidarity tax and reduce VAT on the islands. We've been delayed to comply with court decisions. Despite the ongoing pledges, he refused to make this decision The previous New Democracy government did not pay only 50% of the year 2014. Backward, on the other hand, to permanently withdraw half of the losses suffered by these sectors due to wages and pensions. Therefore, we have retrospectively retrospectively carried out a permanent restoration in 2012. SYRIZA did not vote for this provision. Bu

However, Mr Kamnakos also told the statements of Vasilis Kikilias in the morning that he was sent back via Twitter and the officers were abducted.

Indeed, in New Democracy, he attempted to create an internal affair. The statements of Kikilia are different from what Mr. Staikouras said today at his home.

Panos Kammenos: "The soldiers who will awaken the soldiers will see their soldiers in their pockets in the next few days. You have come to an abysmal dare to say that they will no longer misunderstand the people you are unconstitutional and illegally bound. a wrote. a

Mr. Staikouras from his post, said in his speech that he did not speak and Mr. Kamnemos replied.

Panos Kammenos: "I am particularly pleased that you did not approve of Mr. Kikilia and I am very glad that you voted for change.

I am very pleased that Mr. Staikouras' opinion is different from that of Mr. Cicilia.

I'm glad that the extreme and false arguments have isolated their own parties. Staikouras' attitude towards extremists is a sense of responsibility that will enable the country's armed forces to advance with the support of the entire Greek people. "

Vassilis Kikilias also took part in facing a personal statement.

Vasilis Kikilias: "Mr. Kamman, four years ago, in your speech in the election speech and again and again, you have stated that the law you entered in the marriage will be justified by the military, otherwise you will not join this government. If you had given them before Catrushall's law, we would talk about other amounts. They're not given in 2017, so go out for a year and go out for two years. sen

The defense minister said that the possible injustice of the Catrugal law was corrected with special salaries.

Panos Kammenos: "After the Catastroucus Act, we had a special payslip, we had to fix it all. With the special wage law, the damage to the wages and pensions of the Katrugala law was corrected by 100%, and the allowances were included and even at night.

Kammenos admitted that he had claimed to be the first law to come to his house, but justified his delay by saying that it was the first law that followed the justification.

"Yes, the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, in a decision in his honor, first announced that the first law in Greece to be turned into a budget that could not be written by lenders released should declare that Thessaloniki will be exhibited. this law is saved.

The granting of national sovereignty and handing over to the lenders, together with Mr. Venizelos, you are responsible for accepting the national sovereignty of the country, the state giving the memorandums to the country and giving the first budget that does not give too much. creditors »

At the end of his speech, Mr. Kammenos announced today that there is a positive development in the state's aviation celebrations today.

"We have had a positive development. There is a protocol for celebrations to prevent tensions. Today, for the first time, we applied for a license to enter the Greek FIR from Turkish aircraft. In the future, to live together in peace and to build the future of our country. It is a good thing to advance to the future with a positive look.

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