Saturday , June 12 2021

Struggle SYRIZA talks about democracy and popular sovereignty – Newsbeast

At a meeting in Heraklion, Crete, on "Symposium with" KKE To create the real difference, "the party's general secretary Dimitris Koutsoumpas, today, among other things, said:" What we have learned is that among the most unpopular scenarios of the government, what we are now discussing is having a partial segment retired and also to lower the tax-free vote a year ago "

"In any case, the government will negotiate with the staff of the Commission, will continue to liberate the people from the" dilemma "is involved, there are unconditional conditions to save capital:" "The main needs and other popular terms described in the memorandum," he stressed.

. Social justice and the support of the weak are making simple slogans for the speeches of the government executives who are mocked against the so-called countermeasures, ın he added, then referring to karşı odd söz countermeasures. Measures to increase commercial profits, such as the reduction of tax on clubs and the payment of subsidies up to 100% of insurance premiums for the recruitment of young workers. "

"These are the measures that the SYRIZA government will bring for approval. ND will vote on these measures if they vote. There is no need to say that ND will vote on capital discount measures with both hands, many of them are their own proposals," the Athens News Agency said.

He stressed "Mr. Tsipras' cycles, Today it is revealed before the sinful German Social Democracy from Berlin. Not only do they not only demonstrate the exact mutation of SYRIZA, they are not only fatally embracing Merkel's aides, but also collecting policies, the extreme right and fascism. "

"The revision of the Constitution is another" business "undertaken by the SYRIZA-ANEL government to serve the interests of capital and to strengthen its power, adding that," beyond the justification of the memoranda, "" Mr. Tsipras "added. he is now committed to rebuilding the rotten civilian political system with an intense public dissatisfaction. "

To deepen the popular hegemony that he used to serve Democracy and his proposal, he said that everything else was just wrapper, but he could never hide the reactionary content of the Constitution in today's context. The power of capital can be neither progressive nor democratic. "

He also referred to the search for a more lasting, consistently grassroots NGO, the search for civil society governments and a single bourgeois party, sharing responsibility for the anti-insurgency policy that could be provided by a simple analogy. smoothly without obstacles, gaps and interference. "

”This is what they're trying to do with the PSD's choice and the so-called structural insecurity proposal,“ he said.

Yapıy As long as it requires stability in the implementation of anti-pension policies, for the profitability and competitiveness of the working class, the people, in order to prevent the opposition, the delay, the way to prevent it, they make rivers going to the river, which can lead us to radical changes, ın said D. Koutsoumpas.

Talking was yd challenging Konuş SYRIZA Terrorism and authoritarianism are often prevented in the workplace for terrorism and authoritarianism, while terrorism and authoritarianism are prevented, terör this difficulty is growing, given the fact that this government is next to employers' arbitrariness. Additional barriers to the right to strike by the law ".

He failed to point out that SYRIZA would not dare to crush the excessive demand of the Church-Church separation.

"The struggle of people – not the above mentioned changes – is a factor that can lead to a clash with a rotten system that is neither corrected nor disinfected, nor a popular democratic rights".

D. Koutsoumpas appealed to the KKE, saying, iyle we can continue, with a much stronger KKE, we can do a lot with a strong anti-capitalist-antitrust alliance, with a much stronger worker-populist movement. D. resistance centers and the demand for the modern rights of youth and workers, and in front of us, the modern needs of people and young people. put forward.

"All of this is measured by an important indicator: the strength of the PPE is precisely because it is an indispensable force that is precisely the pioneer of labor and youth struggles."


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