Thursday , September 29 2022

Scorpio SDNA


Moon in Scorpio signifies self-protection and is related to libido. If you were born with a Moon in this position, you have great passions and much stubbornness in it.

Your emotions are very intense and you often rely on the lust. You can be impatient, it hurts and you can still be screaming. You get hurt easily, you're jealous, you're crazy, and you get your revenge. Most of the time, judging others and feeling the need to dominate using various tools.

You do not tolerate opposition or interference with your goals, but you will make great sacrifices when they show you the courtesy. You have managerial skills, resourceful and good business spirit. Even if you're abrupt and impulsive, you're confident and successful. You usually get what you hunt, but there are times when your victory is Pyrrhea.

Because you're jealous, proud and possessive, the position of this Month doesn't promise a harmonious marriage. The desire to become a judge often reflects on relationships with your children. It can be a result of parental dominance or great idealization of a parent who is usually a mother. In this month's position, as a mother, you can be extremely cynical and you may have trouble breaking up with your child, especially if you are a man.

You're dedicated to finishing and having fun with every program you've embraced, and if you're so sucked, you look ruthless. Your personality is deep, you have an acute touch to understand the character of others. You often want to explore unknown areas, look deeply and solve mysteries.

Feel the emotions as pleasure tools in response to passion and passion for happiness and life, rather than knowledge. Your ability to watch is endless. The power of your will is hidden, but when you use it you have great results.

Negative use of the Moon in Scorpio may cause sexual exaggerations, perversions or large constriction. Your greatest need is to learn to forgive and forget, as well as to control your strong deep feelings. As long as your senses are very important, you should listen to them. You are very attached to your home and cooks a wonderful talent.

Women in the Scorpio Moon is very fascinating, with a look full of passion and intensity. You dress elegantly, some of you turn to the most challenging style to express your sexuality indirectly. Enjoy sex and if you have planetary aspects in your horoscope, you have a lot of coexistence or hard to meet

A man with this position is looking for a sensual companion but is also quite calm to have and enjoy. Because it is mysterious and very special, it needs an intuitive friend to guess moods.

Your real problem is the absoluteness you have in love affairs, because you don't tolerate loyalty and you start to exaggerate. You can't forgive him after you find out that your husband is no good. You're emotionally frozen, and if you get hurt soon, you're aggressive and vengeful.

Your business is finance, brokerage, insurance, medication, but mainly attracts surgery.


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