A sad day for the enemy of the notch. SamsungOne of the last towers against the pit, announced that most manufacturers will start showing off-screen mobile phones like. Today, at the authors' conference, the company presented three different nest designs that they plan to use in their devices in the near future. In the photo from left to right we have Infinity-U, Infinity-V and Infinity-O, as we have seen in the picture below. These are the names of the screens that will join these notches.

As you can see, all three basic designs are formatted like letters used to name them. U and V Compared to what we see from other companies, they are traditional, though smaller. SHE IS On the other hand, it looks like a notch on the screen aiming to place the front camera, but in a strange, off-center position that will drown people more than usual when it comes to notches.

New plan infinity It's like an unlimited display panel, something we've all been waiting for, and probably the future flagship. Other designs will only appear on mid-range devices. Someone can only hope. In both cases, the Samsung period, which does not have left and right channeled devices, has ended. Prepare yourself.