Friday , August 12 2022

Rollover from Retrospect: Thousands of Retired "Breath" – How to Buy Your Money


Retrospective way of retirement from June 2013 EFKA retires first pension in favor of NAT pensionAt the same time, the courts have withdrawn the reductions, in addition to those considered unconstitutional. State Council (CoE).

According to the newspaper's "Sunday Press Free Press" interview There are already three final decisions, Mainly up and down in terms of performance in the design of the government's economic staff recursive.

Three court decisions on the retrospective

First decision (1296/2018) Piraeus was approved by the Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of EFCA in the first decision on NAT's retirees. The second demanded that the Law no. 4093 be returned retroactively to the main and auxiliary pensions, as well as the withdrawal of the gifts that were withdrawn at the same time.

The second decision (1840/2018) Diikitiko Protodikio has been taken by Piraeus and has never been seen before: The first-instance court first canceled the 7% deduction on NAT's pension from 01.01.2012 for the protection of the Fund's reserves, not the law, but with the decision of the ministry.

Third decision (17563/2018) The TAP – OTE comes from the Athens Prosecutor's Office, which justifies a massive case of retirement pensions – and even has a retroactive effect.

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