Monday , January 18 2021

Rental allowance: Up to 210 Euro and home loan payers – Dikaiologitika News

The program, which will continue from January onwards, will be supported by rent or mortgage loan between € 70 and € 210 per month.

The criteria will be common for all, according to "Nation", and will be income and property.

How to determine the amounts

Children will play money for each household. In other words, for a single person, the amount without children was 70 euros per month. From here, an adult or one adult for each member of the family is added € 35 per month.

For a couple without children, that is, 105 euros for a couple with two children, 140 euros for a couple, 175 euros for two children for a couple, etc.
For single-parent families and households with unprotected children, € 70 is the first child.

How will the beneficiaries get the money?

In order to receive the bonus, you should apply directly to a specific electronic platform to be created for this purpose.

The platform will force social dividend and Social Solidarity Allowance.


The criteria seem to have improved slightly compared to those known since the summer, but they all show that there will be an increase of 120,000 to 180,000 euros in terms of real estate. households, in terms of income, will start at 7,000 per year for a single-person household and will reach 21,000 euros per year for families with children.

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