Friday , September 17 2021

Rene Henriksen not only from Panathinaikos but from all of us

In an interview with SPORT24, Costas Goulis writes down the images and everything that Rene Henriksen’s words left him with forever, and conveys the “thanks” of the great Dane to all who hastened to convey his joy and wish him for his “victory” in Denmark. the battle of your life.

I don’t remember being happier for an interview in recent years. Not so much for what was conveyed from the lips of Rene Henriksen (although a conversation with a Danish is always very “full” and makes you a better person in everything), and they were captured on your screens from Thursday morning (09/09). from SPORT24, but because they are good now. Good one. The “beast” of cancer defeated him. He didn’t let him dribble, he played the defense of his life. He wouldn’t let the Champions League players pass him here, would he quit now? Never! Never René!

It was truly a wonderful life experience doing this interview, this special lightning trip. It could have been done over the phone… Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes? It could be… But it really would have been so “dry” that it wouldn’t have caught on even in the thousand that the Danes kept inside for years and carried us close to.

Every media should respect and protect a situation, a news, a story, a confession as much as possible to its readers, listeners and viewers. And SPORT24 He has affirmed over the years that he has absolute respect for all this and has put them into practice with many corresponding interviews and works…

Rene Henriksen in an interview with SPORT24 in Copenhagen


From the “cold” phone, Henriksen’s calmness, his confidence in the description of his great battle with cancer from 2017, the smile, humor, cheerfulness and cheerfulness that made him a winner again could never be seen. His laughter as he remembers with nostalgia everything he spent in his 6 years at Panathinaikos, his anxiety as he describes the nightmarish moments of Christian Eriksen’s “collapse” in the Finland match, in which he came to life at the age of 20. metre.

But most importantly, the message of “never give up” could never have been captured as clearly and optimistically as he wanted to convey—without searching, simply with sincerity—to all our fellow human beings who raised him. “cross” their own with a particular disease. A life lesson for others who must honor and respect certain warriors of life every day.

And people like Rene deserve only respect. Not “Rene Henriksen of Panathinaikos”. He is our Rene Henriksen. She is a true gem and an example of a human being that we should all bring as we speak to our children.

In their posts on social media I’m just going through the bullshit of some who want to fanatically cover the whole issue and Henriksen’s interview.

And I just stand today in the love that hundreds of people have conveyed to him after the interview: Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, AEK players, PAOK fans, fans and fans of all colors, but above all people. In the afternoon, a few hours after the call, he sent me a text to thank me! And to tell me what a great honor it was for him and how humble it was to receive so many, hundreds of wishes from ordinary people.

George Karagounis and René Henriksen


“Many people have sent me their greetings and wishes. I thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart. I also convey my wishes to them.”, wrote me in the message …

After about two minutes of healing, only one thing spilled from my lips: “Are you kidding, Rene? We, all of us, thank you for throwing some stones at who you are and why, maybe we’ll be (a little) better people…”.

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