Tuesday , September 28 2021

Public Issue: 16.5 points for ND

According to the 2018 Autumn Forecast, a 16.5 percentage points increase between New Democracy and SYRIZA.

According to the findings of the company, New Democracy balanced the election effect slightly below 40% (currently 38.5%) and SYRIZA after the abnormal recovery in the second half of 2017. Was stabilized at rates slightly above 20% (currently 22%).

The Movement for Change is perhaps the result of an attempt to leave the ruling party and stands firmly in third place, with the election effect approaching 10% (9.5%).

The KKE with 7% and the Golden Dawn with 7% claim to be at the same level as in the 4th place. Moving towards the rhythms of celebrating the Jubilee, the Communist Party collects more chances in the current measurement.

In the last parliamentary elections (September 2015) a total of 11.2% and a total of 30 seats were accumulated in the existing Home, River, ANEL, the remaining three parties of the Association of Chambers, the new parliament.

The decline and impact of the Association of Centers, under 3%, combined with the strengthening of the other Parties (+ 2.5%), New Democracy, favorable for the goal of ensuring the Assembly's self-confidence, Impact, the estimated lower limit (35%) it exceeded.

On the one hand, the small parties that emerged from the crisis of representation in the Covenant were on a downward path, and on the other hand, given that new constituents were not formed during the current electoral cycle (and continued to occur). Make a dynamic entry into the house, the next house is likely to be limited to 5 parties (5 sides). However, as previously mentioned, this assessment is considered unsafe.

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