Friday , July 30 2021

Photos of Yannis Makris & # 39; s performance – Society

Photos of Yannis Makris & # 39; s last move out of her home and documented by a murder attack on the Sunday Nation, photos a few days after the release of shock video from the maintenance of the businessman

As seen in the pictures, the 47-year-old goes to his car parked outside his home. Then the unknown man approaches and shoots the vehicle. The businessman gets out of the car and tries to match the actor who approaches him and is thrown for free.

Photos from Yannis Makris & # 39; s performance
Photos from Yannis Makris & # 39; s performance
Photos from Yannis Makris & # 39; s performance
Photos from Yannis Makris & # 39; s performance

Everything was done within 5 seconds with the perpetrator using a silencer on the gun, so it would not be detected.

A week ago, Yannis found the documentary on the video since Makris' s death outside his home in Panorama Voulas.

ELAS examined the vendor who had been separated from relatives of an entrepreneur who had been the victim of an assassination attempt with relatives from his Lebanese partner and was interfering with inin Australia, arı forcing relatives to seek refuge in Greece.

In fact, the family of the Lebanese entrepreneurs, in which two men are friends and partners, is regarded by the Australians as the strongest Australian Mafia family.

The resulting intense economic gap caused a break in the hedef death contract fotoğraf at the expense of sahip Australia ”, and then the performer was defined to do so with weapons and photographs of his aim.

This was followed by a murder attempt against the brother of a Lebanese colleague who immediately blamed the family members to the Greek-Australian, and a stormy dispute arose between them, among them 46-year-olds. Australia has pushed her to Greece. In fact, two men were found in Mykonos 8 years ago, and finally managed to sort out their differences at a renowned entertainment center of the island and then made nail nails.

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