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Panathinaikos in the Guinness Record!

SDNA, together with Panathinaikos History Expert Aristotle Benoglou, presents the results of a month-long research: Panathinaikos basketball has a world record that can record it in the next edition of the Guinness World Records!

Daily, March 24, 1996 in Patras basketball Panathinaikos Thessaloniki 's Herakles dominated and the history of the sixth Greek Cup was written. At that time, no one had ever imagined that from then on, a large series would remain in force after a quarter of a century.

On February 10, 2013 the Greens will pass Olympiacos 81-78 and become the 14th Greek champion. That same night, members of the Panathinaikos History Research Team concluded that the Intercontinental Cup, conquered by Panathinaikos in September 1996, was the 1996-97 race season, although the tournament was completed in 1996. After all, in the games against the Olympia Venado Tuerto in Argentina, the “Greens mücadele struggled with the 1996-97 ranking (with new transcripts). It is worth noting that this performance is not related to calendar years but racing season. As a result, the club had already counted 18 consecutive seasons in which it won at least one title, and not 16 (until then, the team was considered the starting point of the 1997-98 season, when Greece became the champion after 14 "barren" years).

At the same time, relevant investigations have been initiated to determine whether Panathinaikos' success in Europe is unique or whether other clubs have recorded a similar set. In all basketball leagues of the Old Continent, a detailed survey was conducted from Spain and Italy to Iceland and Luxembourg. In the end, as revealed (and then published on the "Thousands of Headlines" page and other sports sites), Real Madrid and Maccabi Tel Aviv ranked at the top of this list, winning at least one official trophy. 23 consecutive seasons.

However, the “green” series would not be interrupted in 2013. The Grand League continued to collect championships and trophies in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2018, Panathinaikos equalized the Spaniards and Israelis against Olympiacos, 84-70 of OAKA after winning their fifth final. If they had won a title in 2019, it would surpass them and be the only team in all of Europe to measure 24 consecutive "productive" seasons. Opera was coming! Pan had a stamp of Panathinaikos, which was appropriately introduced by CAE in a large European record. (T-shirt wore up to number 24 for the Greek Cup award) and announced by newspapers and the Internet all over the world!

That's where the challenges begin imiz Our research team, led by Aristotle Benoglou and Panagiotis Alafaki, decided to start a particularly challenging initiative: to search the basketball tournaments of the entire planet one by one to answer the Panathinaikos record parallel and world record! The search took several weeks and the difficulty of finding data was enormous. E-mails were sent to federations, numerous web visits were recorded to club websites, and all relevant performances were recorded in detail at all competitions. And finally, after a strenuous search… the result came out: no team has ever done anything like this anywhere in the world!

Basketball Panathinaikos, the biggest team ever to stand out in Greek sports, has a big world record among 213 FIBA ​​member countries, which never reaches any club! In the second, as with all previous versions of the Guinness World Records Book, each sport records its own unique record. In the "Basketball" category, no relevant success has so far been included. This is for one simple reason: No one pointed this out to the people of Guinea, who recorded and recorded their documents and included every world record included in every edition of their books. Now that's what we're thinking of fixing. However, considering that Panathinaikos basketball team's unique success is not ours, it is the property of CAE. and, of course, we are ready to provide any records requested by those who have succeeded (management, players, coaches, technical staff, etc.) to the Guinness Records department of the club and ultimately for consultation. Records certifying the record, Panathinaikos BC will be included in later versions!

Below is a list of the 11 best clubs in consecutive seasons in basketball. Panathinaikos is constantly on the charts with 24 seasons this year, which is unlikely to increase and nobody knows where to stop. The only team that has an active record and could threaten the Greens in the future is Kosovo and Russia's CSKA Moscow, which measures 18 and 17 "full" seasons, respectively.

1. Panathinaikos Athens (Greece) 24 (1996-2019)

2. Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) 23 (1970-1992)

– Real Madrid (Spain) 23 (1960-1982)

– Jalaa Sports Club (Syria) 23 (1956-1978)

5. Olympia Ljubljana (Slovenia) 22 (1992-2013)

6. Al Ittihad Aleppo (Syria) 21 (1978-1998)

7. Partisan Tirana (Albania) 19 (1972-1990)

8. Pristina (Kosovo) 18 (2002-2019)

– Al Rayyan (Qatar) 18 (1996-2013)

9. CSKA Moscow (Russia) 17 (2003-2019)

– Primeiro De Agosto (Angola) 17 (2000-2016)

Note: Take a look at the file. It is the electronic encyclopedia of Panathinaikos. Created in 2016 by Andreas Economou and published in November 2019. The purpose of the site's editors is to fill every range, gaps and eliminate myths and inaccuracies in the long run in Clover's history. The timeless pioneer of Greek sports Panathinaikos will now have its own electronic encyclopedia …

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