Tuesday , August 9 2022

One day the number one tennis player in the world will be Greek! | tennis


This title is not justified by the principle of proportionality, Stefanos claimed that Chitsypas had risen to number one in the youth world and won the title of ATP Next Gen Finals in Milan yesterday and that he always won over his peers. Stefanos Chitsipas, observing the great potential of the great generation Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Marat, Nisikari and others, stands out because of his mind, mind, concentration, maturity and physical abilities.

This time, Stephanos was stuck in breaking points, interrupted by breaks and other stressful situations, and drew the best possible repertoire from his repertoire to win points. Zeverev, Medvedev, Dolgopolov, DeMinor, is not worse than Tsitsypas, Zevref is probably one step ahead, but the Greek champion has shaken the calm and focus of the best.

The situation in the tennis is like bond. Past performance does not guarantee next. Unless you've got a better court tomorrow, what you've earned so far doesn't make much sense. As far as Tsitsifast is concerned, I am very and encouraging from the Greeks and foreigners to allow me to feel a certainty about the rise of his career. ATP is not a good athlete, a warrior, a beautiful, handsome, communicative star, but he does not prefer the Greek ace for all of the above, who have no peer in the world tennis chart 4 to 5 in each generation. Now, I'm telling you how one of these "rare" has become a citizen, I have no idea. In a country that does nothing but does nothing about tennis, except for some private initiatives, the Tsitsipas project is a purely personal matter, a whole family story.

Stefanos Tsitsypas in Milan, in a tournament with special conditions and regulations squeezed from his first season, and to suppress the high-ranking Greek, a sensual group opposed the army. Invincible, climbed over the hill, climbed to the top, and now he goes after others. The future has already begun.

I don't know exactly when it's going to be on the peak of world tennis and how many weeks it will be (tennis time is everything), but I can't imagine it. I wait in time, I don't believe in anything impossible. It goes without saying that I will not have a Greek chart to make a public trial of my house from Stephanus' service, backhand, or on the internet. I'm gonna let them chat with friends who drink coffee in my neighborhood tennis club.

Did you notice there's a tennis court in the neighborhood? No? Let's see how the Welsh pushed once to look around for basketball and plant them where it wasn't, so Stephen will force us to plant pillars and stinging weeds. Promise.

I'm just asking fathers and coaches to let you see children playing tennis as a great sport, not as a professional livelihood. Don't teach them to steal the balls, cloak when they lose, cry when they don't cry. Let them play and sweat, learn to see the sport, not the victories. Encourage children to use all the elements of the game in tennis, maturity, concentration, fighting and use them in any area of ​​their lives. So Tsitsipas will be more than a Greek champion and tennis will be more than a sport.

At the close we know that I've systematically stayed away from any of the four crowns and extreme positions, but I'm going to write myself as I feel. Not only in Belgrade, but also in Belgrade, in '88 in Barcelona, ​​in Faliro, & # 39; Also in Staathama, in Stephanides' victories, in Petrounia and in many other wonderful moments, what a beautiful blue-and-white Stefanos Tsitsipas on the clean face of this great champion!

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