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Tomorrow at 4 o'clock on Thursday, November 8th at 16:00 in the afternoon, the Pan-Hellenic Taxis and Agricultural Federation was announced.

He also ruled a protest outside the Evelpidon Courts at 9am, where the President of the Pan-Hellenic Taxis Federation and the Agora are hearing the case against BEIM in Thimios Lyberopoulos.

The participants of the Federation report said, şekil What we want is whether everyone is a taxi driver, a network or a brokerage company alone, and that the legislation in force is applied in a loyal manner. Federasyon

The demands of the strike action and concentration in Evelpidon:

The faithful implementation of the legislation in force by all, whether by individual taxi driver or network or intermediary company.
Operators (IX) who do not have the right to move must be stopped immediately when the project is stolen.
Immediately adapt all intermediary institutions to the national legal framework governing urban transport.

At the press conference led by the Taxi Pojeita Federation, it was said that the corporate framework of broking companies, according to Federation figures, increased the transport of taxi by 35-40% after the Uber's decommissioning.

Mr. Lyberopoulos said, şu Some intermediary companies have a habit of breaking competition,, and, together with illegal offers, have now stumbled into Law 4530, with the technique of triangular transactions that resulted in tax evasion, in violation of the regulation. The law numbered 2018 and 4446/16. It is now a matter of public control mechanisms to implement the law and create a healthy competition field in passenger transport. "

Drandakis: The writer of the strike announcement worried about the outcome of the trial

"The limits on the abuse of power are in accordance with the pan-Hellenic position announced by the Panayia Taxi Owners' Federation on Thursday (November 8th), the day the BEAT will be prosecuted against Thimios Lyveropoulos", on its behalf, Beat, Nikos Dradakis. 39; founder and CEO of water.

Drandakis said on his personal Facebook account that the "closed group", led by the union organ, has decided to force tens of thousands of taxi drivers to lose their wages in order to protect Mr. Thymios Lyberopoulos as completely personal. in the "statement" of the case, he explains that the law we are dealing with in person is not due to Thimios Lyuperopoulos and his institutional status, but because it has nothing to do with industry as a whole.

"The writer of the strike announcement worries about the outcome of the trial and is trying to influence the whole industry by using it as a shield," Drandakis said. "Such actions cannot terrify neither himself nor the witnesses of the witness," Drandakis said. More than joining the trial. "We rely on Greek justice".

In detail, the announcement by Mr. Drandakis:

"The Pan-Hellenic Owners' Federation Taxi Office announced a nationwide deferment Thursday (November 8th). On the same day, the case of BEAT against Thimios Lyberopoulos for crimes against my company and face-to-face crimes I remember being accused of being tax evaders, stealing our taxi drivers and customers' money, and directing them to tax havens.

They confirm that this is not a coincidence in their communication. They will meet in court and call on the Minister of Transport to defend the president of the SATA. Our case is addressed personally to Thymios Lyberopoulos and has nothing to do with its institutional capacity but with the sector as a whole.

But the "closed group", led by the union organ, has decided that tens of thousands of taxi drivers should force Mr. Lyberopoulos to lose his wages to defend his case on a completely personal matter! There is no example of this in the world time, and I think it is within the limits of abuse of power – a force that no one should have for anyone's own personal interests. We are not talking about the hardship of hundreds of thousands of Greek citizens who use daily taxi needs.

Announcement fear. Obviously, the author is concerned about the outcome of the research and tries to influence the whole industry by using it as a shield.

With this action, does he wonder exactly what the graph is waiting to achieve? Does he believe in independent justice? And doesn't he respect the independence of the judges?

Do they think they will be afraid of judging me, or witnesses or attorneys, and supporting our stance? When is his mind writing in the coming hours to believe that all this will happen on Thursday?

However, we will all be with the evidence of defamation. And we rely on Greek justice. "


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