Friday , August 12 2022

News Today: Homemade Police Officer Speaks to Racism


Those who criticized the photo he took with his partner under the Greek flag were given an answer by the EL.SA official. Michalis Lolis, the first openly gay police officer to serve in the Anti-Violence Department.

. After midnight, konuşma Michalis Lolis, speaking on the program, said there was too much talk about something that wasn't to be done.

Police kissed her husband provoked reactions

"For a simple manifestation of a great … love for a kiss. There was no reason to take the whole region, said.

I even added it Because of this photo, he received many racist and homophobic comments. accounts held on social media, He also talked about his racism throughout the years.

As he said when he was transferred to the Anti-Racism Department. and after setting up a tight relationship, she decided to talk to her parents. And tell them they're gay.

First reaction of parents it was destroyed because it was particularly difficultmostly by her mother but now their relationships are excellent.

"My family is not innocent because they also live in a heterogeneous society. I had reactions with my mother about my flag. I said," I love you, you know my life, you know it, but it's not inciting it. "How was I challenged? When I said I was gay, all my childhood friends left me. I felt good I decided to serve this. Michalis Lolis said and added:

"I've heard from a relative recently, a cousin to me" you know something, can lead them to commit suicide. "If my father and mother commit suicide, I'm gay, good heaven."

His family is now very proud of their struggle to defend their human rights.

"My relationship with my family has been incredible since then. My mother was very hard. My father's reaction is" What can we do to help you? "They are now proud to help people out of the war I have given them. Michalis Lolis, among others, said:

Lar There are homosexuals in the society, but there is also the Greek Police, because they are afraid of hearing all these homophobic and racist comments. Such views do not fit the police. I wish a boy when a kid, a cop, is gay to say what I said today.

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