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NEW MOBILIZATIONS With 48-hour strike with school cleaners

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* Permanent, complete and stable work with indefinite contracts and full employment and insurance rights.

* Writing without the terms and conditions of all employees.

* Proper pricing and restoration of the whole industry in the UAE.

A few days ago, Mayor of the Patras, Costas Peletidis, sent a letter to the Minister of Education and Research of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Efi Achitsoglou, by Konstantinos Gavroglou. The Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning (INDIBIM), Dimitrios Zervas and EMPA Commander Lambro Sempo,
He explained the support of the Municipal Authority for Workers and Contractors (IDOX) in the cleaning of public schools.

In his letter he says:

"There are 257 schools in our municipality where approximately 30,000 students attended and more than 4,000 teachers trained.

248 cleaners and cleaners are used in the hygiene and cleaning of these schools.

176 of them are employed under class and are considered subcontractors. Labor relations are valid for 10 months per year, an average of € 200-300 per month and are not included in the special arrangement of heavy and unhealthy professions.

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Both we and our workers and trade unions complain about unfair injustice and claim full employment and insurance rights and organizations.

The municipal authorities of the city take into account the claim of being just and well documented and invites them to immediately initiate all procedures for full employment and insurance rights and continuous and stable work and to finance the expenditure on the state budget from these cleaning and cleaning categories.

With the completion of relevant procedures for their organizations, we demand that these contracting categories be included directly in public schools, in heavy and unhealthy professions, as well as for other workers. You should bear in mind that this is a clear inequality and tremendous social injustice, as both categories work in the same places, with the same unhealthy – harmful conditions for their health. "

With regard to their capabilities, the Municipal Authority has exhausted all available margins, despite the Government's long delay (currently 3 months) and the competent body to direct the referral procedures (sevk, 1995). the payment of monthly salaries to all employees and employees and the signing of two-year contracts with school committees.

We are urging the government to pass legislation on recruitment through continuous and stable employment and full employment rights and their integration into heavy and unhealthy professions. "

Dimitra Anargyrous

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