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Natalia Lionaki: Unknown love that sent her to the monastery (photo)

For some people, lonely life seems to be a film and fiction, Natalia Lionaki the choice was nothing more.

A choice to heal his aching soul and heal the wounds caused by crazy and stormy love.

One was the one who psychologically crushed Natalia Lionakis and sent her to the monastery.

Although the fiery red-haired actress never had anything to do with the church she believed in her own way, some of the events that took place completely changed her world view.

So when interviews said that “he found the light of God inside“, he forgot to talk about the darkness thrown at him by a man who was utterly disappointed.

According to Hai, the unhappily ending love threw his psychology into the tartars and wiped the smile off his face.

If that wasn't enough, it was another thing that shook his world.

According to reports in March 2009, Kostas Karadima was informed about the tragic loss of his great love.

The player was found dead at the entrance to an apartment block in Piraeus. Immediately followed a series of revelations that led to the arrest of a Merchant Navy officer.

Some even claim that the death of his ex-wife left him locked in the monastery.

It doesn't matter how much her mother tried to bring her daughter back to the world, but it eventually failed.

Now Natalia, after being coordinated with a ceremony in Kenya to Monk Fevronia, devoted herself entirely to God without wanting to remember anything from her previous life.

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