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Marco Marin and wanted James Milner –


Liverpool football players did not walk alone. They're Marrakech & # 39; The locker disappeared from the rooms and never came to the field at the historic stadium and easily lost 2-0 by Red Star.

They scored a third goal without a reply, scored a record number in the Champions League (3), 71 minutes from Serbia and a total of 161 minutes to get away from their home and confirmed that they were not in good condition. moon.

At the same time, James Milner led his friends to Liverpool before he could play, where Marco Marin danced for the Clop's defense and became the first team to win the highest division since Red Star, 1992. The group!

However, all of this happened in a 90-minute match in the neighboring Serbia, the game of the Champions League night, but the organizers calculated the 19:55 match without the crazy Serbs. city.

Milner: Space before center, blunder and then

But let's get something from the beginning or the beginning. The fact is that a few neutral people have noticed this, but this would not escape the British eyes that had caught the disease. insignificant details.

In the absence of Jordan Henderson, James Milner brought the sleeve of Liverpool and the first job he had to do was pick a goal or ball in the standard bend of the medallion. Of course, the referee didn't have a money, but a tablet where one side was blue and the other one was red.

James Milner lost his shot after collecting the blue instead of the red. Bill Shankly sold it for this reason. It would be! ".

Tweets already demanded that Milner be deployed by a leader until the user stopped filling in their timelines, and Liverpool would have already taken its first target in historic Marrakech without even harming homeowners.

Marco Marin, you superstar

No one expected that the Red Star would be honored by Liverpool, Naples and Paris Saint-Germain rivals. Nevertheless, Vladan Molodevic continues to surprise Europeans, just as everyone in Greece surprised us with his work and work with Panionios in the 2016-17 season. After 26 years, the Belgrade star did not only win the first Serbian team win in the Champions League but also stayed in the qualifying game with 4 points in the triple game.

But in order for the Red Star to win the squad, he needed more than the dreaded player who defeated Marrakech, the fantastic platform and the T-shirt. They were not enough for the top-most, but Miliewicz won the Olympiacos award and used Marco Marin as a man to give his grand-games something special.

On Tuesday, the Germans reminded him that everything Asteras created came from the 29-year-old man's feet. Of course, Marin's career did not improve; many would wait with 9 teams in 8 different countries, but Belgrade seems to find some pieces of its former good. This season played 8 games (6 championships, 2 Champions League) and 3 goals (one against Paris) and 4 assists.

In Marrakech, he danced amongst the remaining defenders of Liverpool, found at every point on the pitch, handed the ball exactly as he could, and Mark Pankov reached 1-0 in the 22nd minute. A few minutes later (29 & # 39;) benefited from the misfortune of Milner & # 39; s (Gamma No2), Pankov created an impressive second goal for Red Star. Statistics may not be written – certainly – assistant, but their contribution to the whole game has been decisive. As long as the Marin was withstand, the Red Star had relied on Liverpool.



Monaco breaks a record. They were losing 0-3 in the first half against Bruges when they were dying or dying on Tuesday. Indeed, they became the first team of the French federation and scored three goals in the Champions League in the first 25 minutes. They took another goal in the second half and scored the heaviest home defeat in the club's history in a European match. While all of this was happening in the field, Monaco's owner, Dmitry Ribolovlev, was in the detention facility. It is not easy to work by Thierry Henry as the first coach.

How did Malcom show Suarez?

Together with Lionel Messi on the platform of Juppe Meacza, Luis Suarez was called to take over the reins, but as he tried, he could not find a goal this year, except for Real Madrid, as he had tried. Uruguay scored 9 shots and managed to lead Barcelona in a few seconds and saw Malcolm a few seconds after entering the game. Valverde said he needed more time to get a message from a smaller person.

Beaten but lucky Tottenham

Failed view from Tottenham Hotspur shooting 30! (!) Eiffel Cain & # 39; s home, two times in two minutes with Harry Cain, fighting twice in the last two minutes, two times after fighting and a lot of luck after a fight came together.

(AP Photo / Marko Drobnjakovic)

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