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In the photo exhibition, young Roma and unmarried young Roma

For three years, he entered Roma houses in camps, took photos of daily routine and aesthetics and revived his life in his book called ın Gypsy States Üç. Kosmas Emmoglou three years ago to photograph the inhabitants of the old Gokos camp in "Ag. Sophia" Thessaloniki.

"I slowly developed a relationship with them, they started to trust me and put me in their homes," says Emmoglou, who organized the photo gallery organized by the Thessaloniki Gallery of Photography on the occasion of the opening of tomorrow, at the Art Gallery of "TOSS GALLERY" at 20.00.

"Actually," the photographer continues, "young girls wanted to pose for my lenses and asked them to give them to the possible grooms after they were married."

As he congratulated, she stood in front of her relatives with a camera, asking them to wait for the ğin dress her well Te.

A special impression was created by the Roman houses they visited, which were characterized by lack of furniture. "They rarely have sofas and tables in their halls. They prefer to dress the room with carpet, as the TV set is buried in a plasterboard decorated with various designs as a work of art." Emmoglou says that these heavy and golden furniture is usually added. Extremely comfortable bedroom with pillows.

According to the editor of the exhibition "Greek States", Vassilis Kartakelis said, "The aim of the photographer and his entire trip is to emphasize his work with modern Rome as a Roman we are not accustomed to or are not familiar with. It is an image of the people."

"Photographer", in a report on "Kartakelis", "had contacted with the inhabitants of these camps over time, photographed them over and over again, they presented their photographs as a result of the long-term contact" but also allowed them to enter their homes, give and photograph them with or without the presence of their owners. "

"This", according to the curator, "allowed the photographers and tourists in a hurry to go beyond the anecdotal nature of such approaches or go beyond the superficial image of these camps or groups."

In addition to the exhibition, an album was arranged by photographist Kostis Antoniadis. In the introduction, Kostis Antoniadis stresses that he would distinguish between "a photographic expression of photography, a desire to be photographed, and an image of a photographer."

Iyor He also stands in front of the serious lens, hoping that the rhythm of portrait photography can be restored and that the comfort of modern technologies and selfies has disappeared, “he says.

The project, completed by Kosmas Emmoglou, includes 80 photographs to be exhibited in the exhibition "Greek States" which will last until November 25th.

Source: RES – EAP

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