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How many billion euros is estimated by Exxon Mobile? INTERNATIONAL


According to a Sunday report on Sundays, experts recommend keeping a small basket for the American giant's drilling, but companies around the world like ExxonMobil don't have the risk of investing in making a little discovery. or medium-sized beds in geopolitically complex and geologically undiscovered areas, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Member of the Academy of Energy, Athens Academy Dr. Ilias Konofagos, explains Exxon Mobile It is the only company in the world that can see seismic research if there are targets.

As he says: "The chances of finding gas are around 20-25%, but they have prospects. The" Difficult "in Egypt today has an economic value of about 150 billion euros. If" Delphi "is filled with" Difficult " Hopefully, this will be found, because it will be a fortune for Hellenism, regardless of whether Delphi is to be found, and the "Ice Stenna Max" drilling rig will be contracted to "Antheia" and "Glafkos" targets for another drilling.

He goes on to say: Since "Calypso" is located at the coast of "6" with a probability of 6%, "Delphi" probability is almost 25%, and if "Antheia" targets the chance and "Glaucus" reaches 30%.

Dr. Elias Konofagos, drilling sites or Turkeythinks There is a chance to find five times less gas in the northern part of Cyprus than the southern coast.

Same time Egyptby Oil ministry spokesman, Turkey & # 39; s Eastern Mediterranean & # 39; do not worry about the value of activities because, as pointed out, works within the framework of the agreements signed with his country. Cyprus and Greece and in accordance with international law.

By the way, by his posting, occupation regime claims Greek Cypriot side continues unilateral actions in the Eastern Mediterranean try to involve them United States of America In this process.

He argues that this threatens stability and security in the island and in the region and calls on all countries and companies acting with common sense by considering the facts on the island.

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