Friday , September 17 2021

Heraklion: “Lypiteri” in a tavern – Had a client with no vaccination or disease certificate – Crete


Detailed fines in the last 24 hours in Crete

Yesterday was a day in which fines were imposed on Crete for checks carried out by the police authorities for the implementation of restrictive measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

In a total of 1368 inspections, the majority of fines were related to not wearing masks and not restricting movement.

In Heraklion, a customer who did not bring a vaccination or disease vaccination certificate was found to be inside a tavern in the city center.

As a result, the owner of the company was fined 2,000 euros and the company’s operation suspended for 7 days, and the customer was fined 300 euros.

In addition, 4 fines were issued to citizens who wandered after midnight despite the traffic ban.

More details on the penalties for not wearing a mask:

Heraklion: 1 fine for a kiosk worker

Chania: 2 fines for street vendors, 2 fines for passengers and 2 fines for retail store employees

Rethymno: 2 fines in health stores and 1 fine in hairdressers

Lassithi: 4 fines for greengrocer passengers, 3 fines for truck drivers and 1 fine for taxi drivers.

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