Friday , August 19 2022

He was invited to study Eleonora and explained: "When I say I'm gay, all my childhood friends are gone" | Videos


On the show platform Eleonora Study, After midnightWednesday was the guest of one of the most talked about in recent days. The reason of the Greek police officer Michael LoliRecently, the subject of a discussion, a photo at the time of downloading, his partner shared a kiss to the social media, in front of the Greek flag.

Ima When I had my first relationship, I decided that all I did was not bad. Alar ine It made me be an atheist. I've said that various reactions.You really didn't talk about it.All my childhood friends left me in the next room.

I've heard from a relative recently … "You know something, you can lead them to commit suicide." If I'm my father and mother to commit suicide, I'm gay, well heaven, Eğer he said. Michael Lolis.

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