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Greek entries of the day (27/7)

This is the current program of Greek athletes at the Olympic Games (27/7). Never miss a minute of the action with SPORT24.

Day 5 of the Tokyo Olympic Games on Tuesday 27/7 will also be packed with Greece, as seven Greek athletes will compete in individual events alongside the National Polo.

Of course, Vasiliki Karahaliou’s “fight” for the medal in the Women’s Sailing Laser Radial stands out, as well as Stefanos Tsitsipas and Maria Sakkari’s races in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the men’s singles.

Panagiotis Gionis will be qualifying for the first time in the 3rd round of the table tennis tournament, while Alexis Danatsidis (judo), Ioannis Mitakis (sailing – Men’s Finn) will also enter the Games, while Dimitris Markos will take part in the qualifiers. swimming (800m freestyle for men).

On the contrary, Costas Egglezakis was unlucky and decided to retire due to an injury he could not overcome.

National Polo, on the other hand, will face Italy in their second match after their victory against Hungary.

The program of Greek athletes at the Olympic Games today (27/7):


Tokyo Aquatics Center

800m Men’s Freestyle – Qualifying Series

-Second series (14:21): Dimitris Markos


Ariake Tennis Center Court

-Second round in men’s singles (5:00): Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Francis Tiafoe (USA)

-Third women’s singles third round (09:00): Maria Sakkari vs Alina Svitolina (Ukraine)


Tatsumi Water Polo Center

-Group A match (09:30): Italy – Greece


Nippon Budokan Mat 1 (05:00-09:30)

-Category -81k. Men: Qualification: Alexis Danatsidis – Antoine Valois-Fortier (Canada)

-Category -81k. Men: Quarterfinals – Alexis Danatsidis (if qualified)

11:00 – 13:50

Category -81k. Men: Repeach – Alexis Danatsidis (if qualified)

Category -81k. Men: Semi-Finals – Alexis Danatsidis (if qualified)

Category -81k. Men: Bronze Games – Alexis Danatsidis (if qualified)

Category -81k. Men: Final – Alexis Danatsidis (if qualified)


Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Table 1)

-Men only: Third round (4:00): Panagiotis Gionis vs Jungsik Zeong (South Korea)

-Men only: Round of 16 (10:30-15:30) – Panagiotis Gionis (if qualified)



-Laser Radial Women – Races 5-6 (06:05): Basel Karahalli – Races 5


-Finn Men: Sail 1-2 (07:05): Ioannis Mitakis – Sail 1

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