Sunday , May 22 2022

Germany: Nazi marriage ceremony in honor of CDU Youth Crystal Night | people


A Nazi-era walking march chose a group of CDUs to "honor" the 80th anniversary of the "Crystal Night" on November 9th.

A few hours after Chancellor Merkel's speech on the anniversary of one of the bloodiest attacks of anti-Semitic and paramilitary organizations against Jews, the young group from Limburg sang Westerwaldlied's bars in Berlin. Linda Alvitsyri Somorfeldt of Jewish origin who shared the video with Tagesspiegel.

After broadcasting the video yesterday, the local youth organization of CDU has issued a statement apologizing for "any inconvenience to the bar staff" in Limburg, but rejects the claim of "Nazi party" "Westerwald". "In a city where drinking cannabis is tolerable, it is not possible to say a German hunter and a peasant song, in which the lyrics are not accompanied by a political expression." However, he admits that the anniversary was "unlucky."

This song, which was sung by the German forces during the invasion of Holland, France and Luxembourg, was only taken out of the official walking book in 2017.

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