Tuesday , July 27 2021

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The State Treasury will benefit the self-employed and self-employed by reducing the calculation rate of social security contributions of € 178 million. What he didn't count, Anyone who chooses to reduce insurance premiums will receive a lower pension.

The general accounting statement is clear: Retirement benefits will be calculated according to the amount paid by everyone. The same will be done with additional pension and lump sum: with a minimum contribution of 64.5 euros for both covers, the insured person will take it as an auxiliary insurance or as a lump sum. Therefore, the invoice allows the insured to pay, so that in the future it can claim something better in terms of earnings.

As it is clear from the provisions of the draft, the minimum contributions to be paid by the self-employed as of 1/1/2019 will not change. That is, the amount paid over at least 10 will remain the same as when the basic salary of a 25-year-old employee in the private sector will be calculated at the rate of 20% (eg 586 EUR for 20%, ie EUR 117.20 plus 40). 7 € for health contributions, € 10 for unemployment, € 167.9).

Indeed, hundreds of thousands of self-employed people who pay the minimum wage If the minimum wage increases from 2019, insurance premiums will automatically increase as is a direct link. With a 3% increase in the basic salary, the state will benefit at least € 80 million from the increase in insurance premiums by taslak redemption olarak half of the cost of a reduction in the draft rates drafted at home.

As stated on the bill on the bill yesterday:

· The main pension insurance premium for the self-employed and self-employed decreased by 33.3% from 1/1/2019: Today, the 20.3% to 13.33%.

· The insurance premium for a farmer's main pension also decreased by 33.3%: 18% from 1/1/2019 to 12%. The contribution was determined as 12.67% in 2020, 13% in 2021 and 13.33% in 2022.

· Insurance premium insurance premiums for insurance premiums up to the fifth year of young scientists' insurance premiums were reduced to 13.33% from 2019 by improving the current discount plan.

· For self-employed engineers, lawyers and doctors, the supplementary pension and lump sum will be calculated from 1/1/2017 on a minimum calculation basis, regardless of income. For each month, they can pay more to get a higher pension, while an amount of 64.5 euros will be paid.

As of 1 January 2019, these ratios will be calculated on an increased basis for the calculation of contributions. That is, the reduced rates will be calculated over the sum of “previous year's profit plus previous year's insurance premiums“ without a discount of 15% for 2018.

This means that a reduction in social security contributions is expected to be too much, as expected from the reduction of main insurance rates. In fact, with a profit of 20,000 euros paid in 2019 for 5816 euros, it will face a raise of 6957 euros and a wage of more than 1000 euros. It prevents this and will pay a total of 5236 euros from 2019 onwards.

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