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Five plus deals with ELVO


According to Greek Minister of Economy and Development Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas, the Greek Sugar Industry (ELVO) and Hellenic Steel are expected to be made in December, while efforts to find an investment solution for the Greek Sugar Industry (EBZ) continue. 3. The margin of Thessaloniki Summit.

ELVO: The third competition until the beginning of December

In other words, according to Mr. Pitsiorla, until the beginning of December, ELVO's third-ranked contests are expected to continue after both were announced before the obstacles ahead. So far, Mr. Pitsiorlas said this time that he is optimistic about the outcome of the competition, five people interested in the defense industry, and the sixth. In fact, five contacts were held with Pitsiorlas himself and Deputy Minister of Defense Panagiotis Rigas.

On Monday, ELVO reminded workers of the factory door and protested at the same point until the end of the shift from 7am to the end of the shift. As explained in their submissions, the only demands are to end the liquidation and to provide a solution for ELVO until 2013, which is tas to wait for the implementation of government promises from time to time Bild.

Hellenic Steel: The consolidation plan of the competent court in Thessaloniki on 10/12

Pitsiorlas also seemed optimistic about Hellenic Steel because of the debate on a restructuring plan on December 10th in the competent court of Thessaloniki. – He was invited by journalists to comment on information that Jordan International, an American company in the steel industry in Thessaloniki, has never mentioned a name and has not verified it. However, the person concerned was a serious American company. It is recalled that on 31 October the consolidation plan of the Greek Hellenic Steel Company was signed and the relevant application was submitted to the Court of First Instance in the Execution Court under Article 106B of the Bankruptcy Court. The consolidation plan is not disclosed.

EBZ: Two stakeholders

Regarding EBZ, Pitsiorlas pointed out that an effort has been made to find an investment solution for this company. Indeed, without further elaboration, it has shown that there are two relevant investors.

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