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Experiment with Thymium, battle for brain drain


Thimios Lyberopoulos, Taxi Club President, talks about his experience in the country and the colors of pessimism just hours before the trial of Chief Executive Officer Nikos Dradakis. "I'm a pessimist. I have a lot of things to do, and I don't see accelerators," he said.

In a speech on the sidelines of the conference in, Thimios said publicly against Lyberopoulos's company Nikos Drandakis in 2011, claiming that 260 thousand euros were claimed in compensation.

The compensation requested by Beat (even in the case of motor vehicle purchases for people with mobility problems) is stated to be related to what Mr. Lyberopoulos calls durumunda misleading and defamatory tarafından:

– tax evasion

– Lack of clear legal status in Greece

– Illegal action, not to comply with taxi rules

– keeping the company's revenue from the Beat & # 39; s activity in the open sea at sea.

"I cannot bear it after years of tax evasion and thieves," Drandakis added, "market control is a problem". There is a group that accepts the sectors. "

To attract workers from abroad

He is also faced with the bearers of hard-core trade unionists who, as Drandakis said, did not expect him to have such power to call witnesses. To organize and implement a resettlement package in Greece.

"Workers are leaving. Even the developers of the level we want can't find them at the university. We want about 200 developers and we have 90. We can't find them, we want to hand and destroy them, the ones at the summit are gone, the rest are scarce." Google, facebook, uber, etc we don't have competition, but we haven't been able to find the workers we need, iz says Mr Drandakis:

"We have a resettlement package and we're trying to get them back. We're doing it but we still have a way. The market is very shallow," he stressed.

Waiting for the explosion

In general, however, Nikos Drandakis will not experience an os explosion Yunanistan in the economy, even if the market in Greece is small. "However, the turnover is 5% of the total in Athens and we are the biggest power here. It cannot be such a big company here," he said. The next step in Europe is the inauguration of a center in Amsterdam. olduğun It's not enough for what we want, but it's not enough for the world, olduğun he explains.

The company, applying to BEAT firm, said that it has 8,000 drivers in Athens and is the main operating point of Latin America. "Daimler wanted to expand in Greece, and then he saw that we are 4 years old in Peru, because in South America, the opportunity is greater because there are emotional reasons and we have a legal dispute. and that's why I made Daimler a must to stay away from Greece and not to enter the Mytaxi umbrella.. It has been present in Brazil for seven years, however, Peru has a 4-year presence, a very interesting market with a certain development, unlike the remaining stable Athenian. It is stated that there are 400 employees in total.

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