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DEPA, ELFE and mortgage property plan business

DEPA's former CEO Mr. Kitsakos' insistence on raising and reintroducing ELFE in real estate stems from, inter alia, his agreement with his superiors.

The former CEO of DEPA, Theodoros Kitsakos, has repeatedly formed the Board of Directors. In March 2017, the company asked the Kavala Fertilizer demand to change the real estate debt even after the company raided its financial offices in Neo-Heraklion. His insistence on raising the issue and reprinting it, inter alia, consulted with his political superiors. This is evidenced by either the documents seized by the prosecution authorities or two of the relevant files and one of which concerns it.

In a statement made by DEPA in its meeting on December 7, 2015, Mr. G. Spanoudis, chairman of the company, stated that the issue un takes over the services of the company again and again s and emphasized that it should not Aralık exceed the 2014 limit açık at any cost. The company is a counterpart of 70 million euros. The services, as of November 24, 2015, the company to pay a 7-day deadline to pay the debt was sent to Fertilizers reminded.

DEPA's new CEO promises to take the water initiative. A week later, on December 16, 2015, Mr. Kitsakos announced that ELFE (Fertilizer) was planning to pay debts of € 16 million. Among the measures proposed by the manure is the exchange of land with debt. However, the legal service shows that gas supply has been interrupted.

Kitsakos, the next day (17.12.2015) will be discussed at a ministerial meeting announced.

A week later, Mr. Kitsakos informed the Board of Directors. Since there is no concrete conclusion in the office of the Ministry, the creditor banks are uk covered by the guarantees of the Greek State otek because they are not interested in releasing their mortgaged property. According to the minutes of the meeting "do not agree on the change of notes," he said. A week later, the legal department "ELFE becomes the deprivation of assets …", because ELLAGROLL and then the company that the PFIC claims to be governed over a six-month period. It appeared before the arrival of Kitsakos. assets of fertilizers. At the first meeting of the Board of Directors, Mr. Kitsakos, on the date of 7.1.2016, opposes the interruption of the supply of natural gas to find G. Spanoudis, the head of the company, that the company is mainly legal. DEPA, a law firm working with Linardakis, recommends that the operation be stopped and a criminal procedure be launched to defraud creditors. His legal counsel, Mr. A. Saranvalas, proposes to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. On January 18, 2016, Kitsakos states that he will assume the task of the Deputy Prime Minister and that there is a second ministry office without any result. The law firm of Linardaki demands an interruption of 48 hours, seizure of fertilizer accounts, the disposal of intangible assets (trademarks, etc.) and sür finally the payment of all debt Lin.

On February 18, 2016, Kitsakos, in response to the supervision of a legal company employee, states that, in relation to the properties proposed by the Fertilizer Company to be converted into debt, it is good to avoid the movements that would cause problems in the process of finding a solution with ELFE. . The audit showed that the real estate was pre-matched and committed to money laundering on the basis of leştiril property value corresponding to the criminal product edil. A spokesperson for the Greek Petroleum Ministry points out that the real estate solution should be rejected because it is "bad debts" for environmental and legal reasons.

As a response, CEO Kitsakos, "the abolition of the Nicoladhis decision, before going to the ministry of public interest can be considered."

On October 25, 2016 The. Kitsakos told the Board of Directors. "At least there is communication with ELFE management to sign a memorandum that will allow the transfer of the Kalohori property to DEPA." In this week's interview, Kitsakos stated that KPMG's property was worth 70m euros and that the gas that DEPA sold to Fertilizer or GM. shareholders prohibited the Board of Directors. It will be sold in 2014 (but this limit has been exceeded since 31.12.2014).

Mr. Kitsakos, dated 27 December 2016 on the Board of Directors, said, E The General Secretariat of the Coordination of the Public Project is involved in the reconciliation of debt by handing over the real estate ELFE 27 Yönetim.

According to the same minutes, "A draft Memorandum of Understanding is being debated …" and also "… In the opinion of the CEO, the best solution for the company seems to be the reconciliation of the debt by transferring ownership of the ELFE …".

On March 8, the financial police raided DEPA offices. A week later a draft contract was signed with the Board of Directors. Kitsakos, "Kalohori and Diavata 's debts to a part of DEPA & # 39; On April 4, 2017, Mr. Kitsakos said that the land was calculated as 60-70 million euros, but said he was on the Board of Directors. "… in the recent past TAIPED (together with the president of St. Pitsiorlas) was favorable for the acquisition of land by DEPA …".

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