Sunday , June 20 2021

“Dark red” Kilkis, Serres, Konitsa, Astypalea, Rhodes and Leros

First admission: April 2, 2021 Friday 19:32

At a very increased risk level due to increased epidemiological burden (dark red), Kilkis Regional Unit, Serres Municipality, Ioannina Regional Unit Konitsa Municipality, Evia Regional Unit Skyros Municipality, Kalymnos Regional Unit Astypalea Municipality, Rhodes Municipalities and Rhodes Regional Unit Halki municipalities.

The very high risk level (dark red) also includes Leros, the municipality of Galati in the municipality of Askio in the Kozani regional unit. emergency civil protection.

Which areas remain “dark red”

As the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias explained, the following areas remain “deep red”: Attica Region, Etoloakarnania Regional Units and Achaia Regional Units of the Western Greece Region Boeotia, Evia, Evia Central Greece, Argolida of the Peloponnese Region, Arcadia and Corinth Peripheral Units, Halkidiki and Pella Peripheral Units of Central Macedonia Region, Western Macedonia Region Kozani Peripheral Unit, Western Macedonia Region, Ionian Islands Region Northern Macedonia Region, Southern Aegean Region Mykonos Region Unit, South Aegean Region Kalymnos Region Unit Kalimnia Municipality, Chios Region Chios Municipality North Aegean Region Unit, Anogia Municipality Rethymno and Crete Region Chania Peripheral Unit Chania Municipality, Epirus Region Ioannina Peripheral Unit Ioannina Municipality, Pieria Peripheral Unit Katerini Municipality, Amphipolis Municipality Serres Central Macedonia Environmental Unit, Sporades Regional Unit Skiathos municipality and Thessaly Region Karditsa Regional Unit W Arditsa municipality and Kastoria Peripheral Unit Kastoria and Orestidos municipalities and Regional District Municipality of Grevena.

Which regions come out of “dark red”

As Hardalias said during the established briefing, Thesprotia and Heraklion regional units and Metsovo municipality are switching from “red” to “dark red”. These areas “exit” from the very high risk level (dark red) and are included in the increased risk level (red) following the relevant decision of the Infectious Diseases Committee.

Where additional restrictive measures will apply

Nikos Hardalias, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, the Roma settlement of the Local Distrato Community of Konitsa municipality and the Perama Local Community of the Ioannina municipality, and the Lekka Roma settlement of the municipality of Ioannina and Western Samos, during a briefing on the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak. The following will apply in these areas from 6 a.m.

– For health reasons (sms code 1) or food service (sms code 2 – and excluding the time between 18:00 and 06:00 the next time) or temporary restriction reasons for residents’ home and 24-hour traffic ban (open services) and with the relevant certificate).

– Movement of residents outside geographic boundaries is only permitted for health reasons.

The following measures will also apply:

– Suspension of retail and health stores, excluding markets, pharmacies and gas stations. Delivery services until 23:00 are not included in the suspension of the operation.

– Suspension of meetings / public or social events regardless of the private or public space, internal or external.

– Suspension of the functioning of public markets.

– Suspension of religious ceremonies, except for funerals and services, worship services, rituals, rituals and all kinds of religious ceremonies, exclusively performed by religious persons, up to 9 persons of first degree relatives (sms code 5) without ministers and other natural persons required auxiliary personnel.

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