Tuesday , May 17 2022

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Lebron led the Lakers to 126-117 in Blazers with 44 points and tripled. Mavericks scored 50. Lost for Butler. Bulls received by Celtics.

The legendary Lebron is the defeat of Shakespearies at the first exit of the 50s and Butler at the Mavericks Jazz.

The "King" of the Lakers captured all the money from the Blazers in Los Angeles and scored 44 points and touched the triple double with 10 rebounds and 9 assists. As a result, his team took out the record at 8-6 and played with McKay's 17 points and Ingram 17.

… on the left, Jimmy Butler's career began in Siersters, featuring 111-106 of Orlando, which dominated Magic. The 29-year-old guard / goalkeeper has 14 points plus 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The winner, Voucevic was 30 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists, Gordon 17.

The Bulls Celtics fell. Irvine & # 39; s team dived six players, scored two-digit number, 111-82 raid at home. Most scored player Brown is 18 years old and has 7 assists and 6 rebounds more than the former Cavaliers keeper. Tetumm was 14 years old, and Heworth was saved from Harrison at 11 o'clock, Parker at 14, and Carter at 14, and he scored 11 points in the second twelfth.

Evening results

Majik-Sikers 111-106
interior interior Wisconsin-Cavaliers 119-95
interior interior Celtics-Bulls 111-82
interior interior Neck-Hiet 107-120
interior interior Raptors-Pistons 104-106
interior interior Baks-Grizzlies 113-116
interior interior Timberwolves-Peicans 107-100
interior interior Thunder-Nicks 128-103
interior interior Mavericks-Jazz 118-68
interior interior Sans-Spurs 116-96
interior interior Lakers-Blazers 126-117
interior interior

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