Wednesday , September 28 2022

Covid-19 antibody cocktail success in final phase of clinical trials


NS AstraZeneca announced today its antibody cocktail, the first injectable anti-inflammatory drug Covid-19 In addition to vaccines, it achieved its main goals in an advanced trial, as it helps reduce the chance of developing or dying from severe Covid-19 in untreated patients. The drug, called AZD7442, met its test target by reducing the risk of developing severe Covid-19 or dying by 50% in patients who were symptomatic for seven days or less.

“Early intervention with our antibody can significantly reduce the progression of a serious disease, and protection lasts for more than six months,” said Mene Pangalos, vice president of AstraZeneca. The company will discuss the data with health officials, adding without explanation.

AstraZeneca is also developing a cocktail of antibodies as a treatment to protect people who do not have a strong enough immune response to the Covid-19 vaccine. Last week, it sought immediate approval from US regulators for its use as a disease prevention drug.

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