Friday , September 17 2021

Christina Lampriri: Baptized her one-year-old granddaughter – the name of the neo-enlightened person

His one year old grandson was baptized by today. Christina Lampriri and sails on a sea of ​​happiness as expected.

A few hours after the mystery, the host spoke via livestream on “All Good” and revealed that her grandson’s name had been revealed. Dionysis.

“Everything was great. It’s a little cycle but it was a very happy day. Dionysis cried, yelled, was beaten but baptized. It was great, we played here and now she’s sleeping in good weather like all the kids.

My daughter lives in Patras. The story of my life is to stay away from Marisa. We are so close and I deprived him that he went to study in England and now he listened to his heart and in Patras…

My daughter tells me, “I don’t know what it is and I can’t live 100% of all these happy moments, wedding, birth and baptism”. Marisa set up her life in the midst of quarantine, abolishing her civil marriage. We were online with her husband Nikos when she gave birth. We are in a very closed circle at baptism, little and good,” he said among others. Christina Lampiri for an enjoyable event.

See what he said in the video below Christina Lampiri for granddaughter and daughter:

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