Saturday , January 23 2021

Brexit agreement from the UK and the EU – People who meet the Cabinet by tomorrow

Following the intense negotiations over the past few days, British and European negotiators in Brussels reached the text of the UK's exit agreement, which was reported by the European Union from government sources. As it is known, the cabin will meet at 16.00. Greece time to evaluate the text and decide on the next steps.

Ministers were even invited to review the text in the text of the meeting.

The official announcement from Downing Street was referenced by a "technical" agreement to British media, such as the BBC.

According to Laura Kunensberg on Twitter, British Council Prime Minister Teresa Mei will meet tomorrow to discuss the latest developments in the long-term UK-EU divorces.

The British newspaper The Sun reported that the British Prime Minister will hold special meetings Tuesday evening with all members of his cabinet. In other words, Vicky Yang, a BBC political reporter in Brussels, said the ministers would see the draft text of today's agreement ready for tomorrow's cabinet. They should also indicate whether they would support it from today and, if they do not want to, resign.

Moreover, as reported by the Irish news network RTE, British and European negotiators agreed to the latest ec thorn it of the Brexit negotiation in a text on the issue of the borders of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

As for the European Union, the ambassadors of the other 27 EU countries will meet in Brussels tomorrow.

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